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11-Dec-2017 06:07

There’s more to it than just distance, so let’s continue. – Create tension when you “come back” after a couple weeks. If I were you I would use the distance you created before to your advantage: “Hey you know what?

Attraction is, in a way, nothing more than tension between man and a woman. Good or bad, it doesn’t matter, because intense moments create sexual tension. There are several ways for how to get that girl next door by creating sexual tension: Disagree, criticize, and say “NO” a lot: we just covered it. It’s been a while since we last went out and had lots of fun, so I demand we catch up. ” After asking her out, it’s a matter of not screwing up.

While some critics tended to brush off Elisha Cuthbert's performance as just another skin-baring 'boy toy' variation, she actually conveys the vulnerability and pain of her character's past quite effectively, balancing it with sly humor and a LOT of 'sex appeal', done within the restraints of her "No Nudity" contract clause...

Sorry, guys, while you'll see a LOT of her skin, you AREN' T going to see Elisha 'bare all'...

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So, let’s check out the 3 rules of how you get that girl you’ve known for a loooong time… There are wayyyy less Veryon’s than there are Benzes, know what I mean? There’s no better way to let a woman know that you need her less than she needs you.

THE GIRL NEXT DOOR, however, actually works quite well, thanks to Greenfield's 'tongue-in-cheek' approach to the naughtiness, and a flawless supporting cast, particularly Timothy Olyphant as a likable but ultimately ruthless porn producer, and Timothy Bottoms and Donna Bullock, as Hirsch's clueless but blindly supportive parents.